Report a ring

How to report a ring

If you find a dead wild bird with a ring on it, please report this to AFRING. The esaiest way to do this, and if you have access to the internet, is via the reporting recoveries page on the Southern African Bird Ringing Unit's (SAFRING) website. This reporting mechanism can be used for rings used by all African ringing schemes. Usually, the name of the ringing organisation will be on the metal ring.

In case it is missing or you are unsure where to send it to, please send the ring to us at AFRING.

When reporting a ring, please include:

  • The ring itself or at least the number of the ring and it’s colour
  • When and where you found it (coordinates if possible), also giving the nearest town
  • Describe the bird in detail and identify the species if you can
  • The circumstances under which you found the ring (was the bird alive or dead, and if dead, how and when it died (i.e. was it already decomposed))
  • Your own contact details
  • If you wish to keep the ring, please indicate this and we will return it to you
  • Please also include the ring if the bird was dead.

Please remember: Never try to catch a healthy bird in order to study its ring!

Where to send your ring?

If you can not determine the name and contact information for a ring, please send it to us at AFRING. Please make sure to include all the information listed above.

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